China’s Modern History, Summarized

I’m so busy I can’t see straight, but I had to get this link up to Newsweek Beijing Bureau Chief Melinda Liu’s outstanding piece on China’s enormous political, economic, and cultural changes over the past 30 years.  One of the best summaries of China’s modern history I’ve ever seen, and a fascinating read to boot.

Mao to Now“, by Melinda Liu, Newsweek.


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2 responses to “China’s Modern History, Summarized

  1. sfewings

    Thanks for the link. That is a great read.

    Your blog is fantastic. I really love the insight you provide.

  2. truettblack

    Thank you Stephen. I haven’t had time to add all of the bells and whistles to the blog that I’ve seen on other blogs, and I don’t post any cool graphics or photos, but it seems that this little endeavor is starting to attract a bit of a following. I’ve sure enjoyed it, plan to keep it up.



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