China Today: Angst, Emptiness

Some months ago, I read this interesting Reuters piece on Yahoo News:

Anxiety, emptiness fuel Confucius craze in China

The article describes a book on the writings of Confucius and their application to daily life, written by a Beijing Normal University professor.

From the article:

Her mass following tells of deep anxiety about morality and beliefs in a society that has gone through a disorienting transformation in recent decades, analysts said.

“We were taught Marxism and Leninism in schools,” said Tian Na, a 25-year-old teacher who bought the book on the Internet.

“But when I became independent and went to college, I saw professors take bribes and I felt the old slogans like ‘serve the people’ were no longer relevant,” she said.

Basically, folks in China are looking for something beyond the clarion call of “money, money, and more money.”

An opportunity for Christian missionaries?

That is a subject for another post.


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