I get quite a few polite comments on this blog, and many of them are intelligent and constructive. These, I approve immediately.

I also get quite a few insulting comments. They are nearly always buffoonish and useless. These usually make me chuckle for a moment before I send to my “spam” folder.

So, if you’re wondering why your comment wasn’t posted, it wasn’t because you disagreed with me.


2 responses to “Comments

  1. Peter Moczulski

    I read your articles about how to be fluent in Mandarin. Right now I’m having difficulties in listening to the language. Do you have any suggestions about how to improve listening skills? Right now, I been in Hangzhou, China for 6 months taking Chinese classes at Zhejiang University. I have 3 hours of Chinese classes everyday with grammar, listening, spoken, and reading classes. I feel ashamed of myself when other students can speak and listen well.

    Also my last question is do you know any good reading materials and children stories? I’m looking for American versions of Dr. Seus, Hardy Boys, even comic stripes of Peanuts, or Garfield. Anything similar that will help me improve my reading level and understanding.

    Thank you,


    • truettblack

      Peter, you need some Chinese friends who can’t speak English. You’ll learn really fast that way. Take the leap.

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