Cultural Awareness and Doing Business in China

An excellent article on cultural awareness and doing business in China recently appeared in the Miami Herald.

A very insightful read for those who are doing business with or planning to do business with Chinese people.

A some point I’ll open a Chinese language and culture acclimation boot camp for American and Canadian businesspeople who are heading to China for an assignment. Do you think it would be better to hold it in greater China, or in North America? There are advantages and downsides to both.



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2 responses to “Cultural Awareness and Doing Business in China

  1. How long would the boot camp run? Could family members come to the boot camp too? (I assume one stays at the boot camp 24×7).

    My preference is for the boot camp to be in North America, that should be considerably less expensive for those of us with families.

    • truettblack

      Hi Loren,

      At this point, a boot camp is just an idea, but it is something I’d like to look at more seriously in a few years. The consensus so far among those I’ve polled is to organize the camp in North America. I haven’t yet defined the target market, but including families may be a good idea. Cheers, True

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